Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An unseasonably warm daybook

Outside my window...sunny, and highs in the upper 50's today. The sun won't hold out though...we are supposed to get rain.

I am hearing...birds at the feeders since before dawn. Word World on the tv.

I am thinking...the tv has been on too much lately. I've been kind of letting Jack have free reign because the schoolroom is still under organization. I've *got* to finish it this week and get him back on a better routine.

I am thankful buses. Kain started taking one today. This saves an hour out of my day that I was spending driving him to and from day treatment. He's not happy about it. But it's only for a few months.

I am flowered pajamas. :)

We are currently reading...I am rereading Story of the World Volume 3 before I hand it over to Kain. He's reading the series during reading and rest time, at least the reading and rest times that he is here and not at day treatment. I'm still reading On the Banks of Plum Creek aloud to Kain. We'll probably finish it this week. Jack and I are still reading Frog and Toad and whatever else strikes his fancy. Tessie's current favorites are Goodnight Moon and The Very Quiet Cricket. She brings me books all the time to read and says, "A booh? A booh?" Maria is reading...sheesh, what did I give her to read? I don't even remember now. Sigh. Oh yeah! She's reading Regina Doman's series right now...she got these for Christmas. And she loves them! Which is rare. She usually doesn't like anything that I pick for her. For history, she's working out of the spine this week, The Old World and America, so no cool history readings right now.

I am praying...for various friends', both "real life" and online, and their intentions.

Latest on the babies...Tessie and Jack are starting to play together and that is so fun to see. Yesterday we sat around tossing a ball back and forth between the three of us and Tess was just cracking up...she thinks Jack is so very funny. Little honey five is getting BIG. I am having a bit of a harder time getting around now that he has moved higher up and further out. Braxton-Hicks contractions are in full force now. I spent the first few days after they started worrying a little that I might be trying to go into labor. They seem to get stronger with each baby!

From the kitchen...freezer meals...putting up Shepherd's Pie and stir fry this week. I highly recommend putting up meals this way. It's been very painless to just double up a recipe and have one to eat/one to freeze. I've been mostly using these recipes for ideas. We also made pumpkin bars over the weekend from freezer pumpkin, and oh my goodness, they were yummy.

Around the house...still working on that schoolroom! I'm starting a new laundry system as well. I needed to try something different to get rid of the backlog. So yesterday and today involve a lot of massive laundry-folding parties so that I can get caught up and start over.

In the learning room...not a lot for the little kids this week I'm afraid. Just bringing out things to keep them happy while I continue to try and organize our stuff. It WILL HAPPEN this week! Among Maria's plans, Latin quiz, classification of living things, memorizing that durned speech from Henry's slow in coming, but she's getting there. We are still slacking in the liturgical year department just due to a total lack of planning on my part. I vow to recharge those batteries for Lent.

In the garden- Oh, the garden...I have no excuse. The weather is better. It is still very soggy though. Friday is supposed to be dry and beautiful, but we will be gone most of the day. :(

Plans for the rest of the week...well, I'm late in posting my daybook again and the week is half over! I have a meeting with Kain's therapist at the day treatment at 11 this morning (yikes!), and PSR at church tonight. Kain's OT tomorrow, along with a library trip. Midwife appointment on Friday...those are every two weeks now. I may throw in a trip to the park, it's going to be too nice to just come home and do schoolwork!

Our week in pictures...(sigh) Still no camera cable. Should I give up and just buy another? Apparently having a spare would not be a bad idea. Oooh! I just thought of a place to check! Well, in the meantime, let's see what gems I can dig up...

Here's one of my favorite pics ever of Jack. It cracks me up every time, those huge eyes and big bald head. And I loved those pajamas. Hey! The new baby will get to wear them! He was 6 months old here.

Maria and Jack...Maria was 8, Jack was, oh, probably 3 or 4 months? They were cooing back and forth in this picture...proof that, by golly, he DID make good eye contact as a baby, regardless of what he does now.

Jack's baptism picture...isn't he sweet! :)


Tiny Actions said...

Cute pictures Mel! I hope you guys got to enjoy the warmer weather. I'd give my teeth right now for warmer weather. It's pretty nasty cold here :( I'm also right there with you about organizing the schoolroom. How it can get so out of control here is beyond me!

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

It's been so cold where I am! Hope you enjoyed that warm day :-)

Lisa said...

Beautiful pics! :-)