Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wrapping up Lent

Ok, gang, Lent's just about over. We are starting the Triduim today. For my separated brethren, that means the last three days before Easter--- Holy Thursday (the Last Supper and institution of the Eucharist), Good Friday (Jesus' passion and death), and Holy Saturday. We are scrambling to come up with some last minute plans. John's car has sustained an $1100 repair and is at the dealership this week. Since he is working today and tomorrow, he has the van and I have no transportation to Holy Week services. :(

So, here are our plans---

Today, Holy Thursday- We have been watching Jesus of Nazareth this week and will continue it today, and we will keep working our our Lenten Bible readings. We are behind on them and so we'll be pushing to catch them up over the next couple of days. We will have a washing of the feet at home too.

Good Friday- Hot Cross Buns! More Jesus of Nazareth! I'd like to do a Veneration of the Cross here as well, and we will observe a silence (as best we can here) from 12-3, then say the Stations just before 3pm.

Holy Saturday- Coloring eggs and other preparations for the big day. Our plans have changed because rain is forcasted on Easter, so we will be home for Easter Sunday instead of at my mom's. I find myself suddenly needing to come up with an Easter dinner. We will put resurrection rolls in the oven and then go to the Easter Vigil mass.

Easter Sunday- Maria and I will return to church for a very early mass. She is singing in the choir. John and the littles will probably stay at home. We'll come to do egg hunts and baskets and brunch.

Ok, that's the gist! My camera is a bust, so I am cameraless...I've ordered a replacement. In the meantime, I'm going to try to hunt up my old school camera for Easter. I've been interrupted 247 times during this post. Oh, these fun, fun school-free weeks! haha!

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Angela M. said...

A holy and blessed Triduum to you and your family!