Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aren't I just the bloggingest thing you ever did see?

I just had to stop in for a laugh, because I have been trying to catch up on my very backed up google reader and read this post at Testosterhome, and see, I have also been pining away for a fanny pack.

For different reasons though. I am constantly writing notes to myself, and I am also constantly needing something to write notes with and finding myself without the necessary materials to do so. It occurred to me that I need a giant dry erase board tied around my neck, or at the very least, something that I can use to attach a post-it pad and a pencil to my body. A little pouch of some kind, something that would hang from the neck, or maybe from the waist,,,and then realized I was thinking of a fanny pack.

Think they will make a come back?

What about something like a chatelaine? You know, those things that housewives of the past used to carry around sewing needles and such? Someone go invent something....

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