Friday, April 17, 2009

Fortuitous Fotos Friday

Don't you love alliteration?

Ok, so, my camera has gone to that great photo booth in the sky. The official word is that the repair would cost almost as much as buying a new camera, and that Canons usually only last around 3 or 4 years anyway. Is anyone else aware of this little piece of information? Still, I like Canons, and more importantly, I already have some accessories and such that would fit another Canon. So, in short, I've decided to get another Canon, but a much cheaper one. If I'm going to be replacing it every three or four years, I'll not be buying the $350 model, thanks so much.

And all of this was to bring me to say that I've cleaned out some photos from just before my camera died and wanted to post a few here. These are from Christmas. Christmas in April! Yay!

Before mass on Christmas Eve. Notice that Jack is already untucked. Aren't my babies pretty though? I think I should have some more.

Oh, and you may be wondering why Kain is dressed like a cow. Well, that is simple. Our parish has a pageant on Christmas Eve. Kain was cow #2.

The church nativity after Christmas Eve mass.

On the altar steps.

Maria and Tess in new Christmas PJ's.

The backside of Tess's PJ's.

Tess didn't last long into the evening.

Our family New Year's Eve party. Jack missed most of it. Lightweight.

Happy New Year's girls!

Kain on a ham dinner high.

Also, Fortuitous Fotos Friday will be an ongoing feature. When we were moving things around to make room for the piano, I found a stash of over a dozen rolls of film! Combined with film I've used in the last few weeks, I now have 15 rolls of film to be developed, and I have no idea what is on most of them. So, I'm having them developed a couple at a time and I'll post the fascinating results here!


Anonymous said... are a blogging fool these it! Maria and Tess look exactly alike. Who has the beautiful blue or your husband?

mel said...

Oh, thank you, that would be me, hehe. The girls got mine, and Jack has John's hazel eyes.

J.C. said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful kids! And, yes, pretty eyes! None of my three girls got their mommy's blue eyes...:) Look forward to seeing what's on those old rolls of film!

mel said...

Me too! I'm a little scared...I know at least one of those rolls has pictures that my mom took during Jack's birth...some are a little, erm,,,detailed. lol. I hope I don't get in trouble at the photo center, heh.

Terimisu said...

Maria looks so beautiful!! so does Tess. I am glad you posted pictures, I love looking at them.

Anonymous said...

Mel...Just popping in to let you know I tagged you over at my blog. Hope you don't mind : ) (Only IF you have a chance!)

Lisa said...

Great photos! Thanks for the bit of Christmas cheer in April! :-) Your children are beautiful!

M said...

Hi Melanie, It's Mary. I was just wondering how the old group was doing. Your children are beautiful--thanks for the inspiring blog! God bless,

mel said...

Hi Mary! We are great and miss you, come on back girl!