Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy Birthday!

To John, my dear husband and April Fool's baby.

The kids are devastated that John is working today. They consider it absolutely unfair that he would have to work on his birthday, though I've explained the them that birthdays are not considered a national holiday. I've also told them, much to their horror, that if they were in public school they would likely have to go to school on their own birthdays as well.

We had planned to come up to John's work and surprise/embarass him with one of these cakes today. It's a bit of tradition to make a corny April Fool's cake for his birthday. But we are having some trouble with one of the cars at the moment. Unless I want to get up very early, load up the baby, drive for an hour, then come home and do it all again tonight, we are kind of stranded at home until tomorrow. Frankly, I love the guy and all, but I'm not really motivated enough for all of that. So, we are making some cookies for dessert tonight and we will do the whole cake/presents thing tomorrow.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday darlin'. I love you, you are my best friend in the world, and I thank God every day for you. (sorry, old pictures,,,,camera getting fixed tomorrow!)

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