Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter quick takes

Best Easter Moments---

- Removing our crown of thorns and purple altar cloths and placing lilies and our tall white Easter candle in its place.

- "Unburying" our Alleluia. I had snuck out the unfinished wood letters, painted them white, and added glittery pink and yellow flower stickers. I unwrapped the purple tissue paper from our makeshift candelabra we'd been using for praying the stations during Lent, and then rewrapped it in gold wrapping paper leftover from Epiphany. It came out quite pretty. But no pictures to share until I get my "old school" film developed.

- My baby girl, frilly and pink, in her very first Easter dress.

- My tiny boy in his first tiny tie.

- My first attempt at "Easter Pie", a recipe from this book. It was a bit complicated but very rich and very yummy. I love old recipes full of tradition, and this one is wonderful...33 layers of phyllo dough, one for each year of Jesus' life, 12 eggs, one for each disciple. I think we have a new official family tradition.

- Maria, singing the "Hallelujah" in the choir at the mass on Easter morning. She got to be at the microphone, and she did great!

Regrettable Easter moments-

- Kain's constant tantruming over one thing or another. Holidays don't really bring out the best in him, and he was in a "down cycle" anyway, so it was especially rough sailing.

- The vigil. I love the Easter vigil mass, but it is now officially too long and too much. We won't do it again next year.

- The announcement our priest made at the end of mass,,,he is being moved to another parish.

Funniest Easter moments-

- My first attempt at egg bread. I let it rise too long the second time around, so it was comically huge and not very wreath-like, but it was still pretty and very good!

- Kain coming into the kitchen at the moment of frantic-pitch meal preparation involving many layers of phyllo dough in the above mentioned pie, swinging his Easter basket over his head, and knocking the globe out of the ceiling fan onto the ceramic tiles where it smashed into a billion shards. Ok, it wasn't funny at all at the time, I just remember shrieking, "OUT! GET OUT!", but it'll be funny someday.**

- John sitting on Jack during mass. Not starting to sit on him or almost sitting on him, but full on sitting on him, which caused everyone to collapse into fits of hysterical giggles in the middle of a very long Easter vigil. John has a history of sitting on crazy stuff. He never, ever looks before he sits. That's not really a good habit to have in this house.

**Note to self, buy new globe for kitchen ceiling fan. Also for living room ceiling fan which broke in a similar Kain-related incident months ago.

Hope you all had a Happy and Blessed Easter. And remember, it's not over! It's not a day, it's a season!


carmelitemom said...

Love your post Mel! The pic and post gave me a much needed chuckle. I wish internally I was feeling more of the joy of the Easter Season...well I still have almost 40 days right?? Blessed Easter Season to you and your family. Can't wait 'til you get your camera fixed1

Erin said...

It sounds like you guys had a lovely Easter!!

I love your new picture at the top... I about died laughing, and stuff I see online usually doesn't have me literally "laughing out loud!"

Angela M. said...

Happy Easter!

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