Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This week....

Lots of big happenings...

John took the boys to the open house of the new fire station that opened up down the street. Jack, you'll notice is kind of red faced...he was still crying about having to leave when they got home. Speaking of weird expressions...it's so hard to get a good picture of Kain. He always points his chin up high in the air and makes this stiff, weird grin...ah well.

Jack and Tess in her crib-turned-cosleeper.

No, they don't actually sleep together in there. :) But my family bought Tess this really cool mobile, and Jack thinks it's his. He's obsessed with it, and I'm always finding him lying underneath it listening to the music. Ah well,,,Tess doesn't know any different.

A cute Daddy and Tess picture.

Jack last night...he passed out cold on my lap while I was reading Charlotte's Web to Kain.

Here's my first baby, going away for a whole week to Colorado. Alone. I mean, not alone, there's like other kids and chaperones and all, but alone as in WITHOUT ME, without anyone else in the family, with people that I have only known for a couple of years and for whom I have no polygraph testing, cheek swabs, or criminal background check. She is going on a mission trip with 6 other kids from our church. She was so excited about going, but it's so odd to have her gone to a place I've never been having a whole week's worth of experiences that I have no part in whatsoever. This is right after having her gone for several days visiting my parents. I miss her! And I wish someone would take one of these boys for a week. I mean, Maria's my helper...if someone took these boys, I might actually get something done around here! :)

Maria will hate this picture, btw...John was teasing her, so she's got this weird expression on her face. I'm so impressed, as always, with Maria's outgoing personality. This kid is fearless. None of her established friends from church were going on this trip. I would have been terrified to go on a trip to someplace I'd never been with a bunch of people I barely knew at her age, but this whole thing was her idea and she hasn't so much as batted an eye about the whole thing. I'm so proud of her...but I miss her!

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Terimisu said...

omg she is growing up Mel...she looks just like you! Eden is here with me at work. I dont have your number at home and had it at work when Maria called. Let me know when she gets back. I would love for her to come over this summer. Eden leaves for a week in July for church camp. I can relate to missing them so much...for a WHOLE week. wow I bet she has fun. Let me know when she returns.