Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Pickiest Kid, Ever

Foods Jack will actually eat (i.e., foods that he lives off of every day because he won't eat anything else)---

- peanut butter sandwiches
- string cheese
- milk
- grapes
- bananas
- apples
- raw carrots
- goldfish crackers
- macaroni and cheese
- pizza crusts, only
- Welch's fruit snacks, which I started giving him only because they have
Vitamin C in them, which he wasn't getting anywhere else in his diet.
- certain junky foods when he can get them, like tortilla chips,
brownies, cookies, etc.

Things Jack won't ever, ever touch---

- any vegetables besides the carrots. Ever. Never ever.
- any meat, though he has had a chicken nugget like three times.
- juice
- any other pasta besides the macaroni and cheese
- multivitamins, ensure, carnation instant breakfast, or any other
quickly sniffed out attempt of mine to get any other nutrition in him.
- any medication, no matter how much the doctor insists it's necessary.
Even if I manage to get it down, he immediately vomits it. The doctor
acts like I should be able to do something about this. How do you stop
someone from VOMITING??

He seems to have some kind of weird issues. Anytime he does try something else, even on accident, like the time my mom accidently gave him chunky peanut butter, he gagged. I've considered talking to the doctor about this, but I don't think they'll do anything. He's not underweight, he's healthy, and what can they do, really? Maria, btw, is an awesome eater, always has been, so it's not like I just develop these children who will not eat!

If he would at least take a multivitamin....we've tried several different kinds, but he doesn't even like hard candies or anything, so it's hard to get him to even try them.


Mary said...

Have you tried the gummy vitamins? If he eats fruit snacks, he should be able to eat a gummy vitamin.

mel said...

We have,,,they didn't go over. It was during the first time I was trying all these different things,and he was immediately suspicious of anything I wanted him to I decided to lay off and try again in a couple of months after he had some time to forget about all of I think I need to try again and see if I have any more luck.

Sister Mary Martha said...

Have you heard about that book where you steam vegetables, puree them, and then stir them into the food? The whole trick is that the vegetable is the same color as a the food. I know an autistic boy who will only eat white food and refried beans. His mother fed him a whole head of cauliflower in three days when she first bought the book.

I can't think of the name of it. Google 'hiding vegetables in food'.

mel said...

Yes, I have heard of that!
I may have to hunt that down...I always thought trying to do stuff like that was silly,,,eventually they will still need to learn to eat different foods, unless you will still be pureeing beets to put in their brownies when they are 30, but with this child I'm willing to try anything....