Friday, June 20, 2008

hi...remember me?

I'm still alive over here. We are kinda sorta settling into some kind of new "normal". I *finally* caught up my inbox, so now I'm ready to work on cleaning up my blog, but my computer time is strictly limited (limits reinforced by a nursing baby), so bear with me. I'm going to work on my birth story post today, which is really a pretty funny story. Then I hope to catch back up with everyone *else's* blog! Right now I will just say that Tess is already three weeks old, (sniff, sniff) and she was baptised on Father's Day....I *love* baptisms, I love to smell the spicy chrism on her head and look into her face and think, This is the closest any of us will ever get to perfect innocence...a freshly baptised soul without sin...the closest we will get to looking into the eyes of Christ himself while we are on this Earth.

She wore the dress that I was baptized in, and then Maria. It's *so* pretty and vintage-y looking. Giving her a bath, dressing her in the poofy layers, then bringing her down for the family to oooh and aaah...the moment all felt a little bridal to me, a foreshadowing of another possible day in her future of poofy white dresses and extended family gathering. Our church does baptisms monthly, so she was baptised along with a tiny pair of twins...they made her look like hulk baby! And her baptism coincided, as they always seem to, with the outbreak of those lovely baby zits. They have since healed, so I'll need to post a more recent picture soon.

Just in the last week she suddenly seems older. She's smiling big, heart-melting gummy smiles at me already, staying awake for longer periods, and trying to hold up her huge head. She's absolutely beautiful and sweet and we spend several periods a day just staring at each other in fascination. Babies will never cease to amaze me. I've always loved babies, and when I first started working in pediatrics and in the newborn nursery at the hospital I couldn't *believe* someone was going to actually pay me to take care of babies all day. And so, having my own around again is just so much fun. I love babies. I love the silky feel of their hair, the way they smell, their teeny tiny feet and toes, the way they stare into your face like you are the most fascinating person in the whole world, the way their constant needs are so easily satisfied with a pair of arms, a pair of breasts, and a dry diaper or two...

...and speaking of which, Good Queen Tess awakens the pics will have to wait a bit...later today, hopefully!

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