Friday, September 29, 2006

followed by a bad morning...and a revelation?

We carried over lousy behavior this morning, unfortunately. Kain and Maria started fighting over something, and he hit her, and I lost my temper again......

then we left for school and I attempted again to talk with Kain, nicely, about his behavior, mainly explaining that he couldn't hit when he was angry, etc. When I was done, he said "I wish I was dead now." Ok...when I asked him why, he said "So I don't have to see you anymore." Well. Thanks for that. We continued to talk, and he said, "Maria always says she wishes she never met me." When I got home, I questioned Maria about this, and she insists she has never said this to him...but I wonder how often she has "said" this by her actions. I wonder how often we all have "said" this to Kain, because surely we have all felt it at least sometimes over these last few weeks. I think today we will all work on sweetening our attitudes and see how it goes. I told Kain that today we would "start over", everyone with better attitudes, mom included.

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