Friday, September 22, 2006

an exhausting day at the doctor

We are also working on getting Kain's lung condition evaluated. He has bronchopulmonary dysplasia from being born 2 months prematurely and being on a ventilator for several weeks. His lungs have not been properly assessed and treated in Lord knows how long. So, this has been on our "to do" list since he came to stay with us. Last week we started by going to see the family practitioner assigned to him by Medicaid. This doctor referred him to see a pediatrician, which was great because we managed to get him referred to our pediatrician. I took him to see the pediatrician today....with all three kiddos in tour. I am still being initiated to doing such things as a larger-than-average family. I didn't prepare very well, I'll admit. I didn't pack things to keep the kids entertained, didn't pack water bottles,,,I've got to get on the ball! Anyway, after getting through the pediatrician's office, we were sent to the hospital for chest x-rays, and by the time it was all done everyone was cranky and fighting...not good. I continue to be blown away by large families in public with well-behaved children. Teach me! Mold me!

We also left with a handful of medications to treat Kain with and a referral for a pulmonary function test followed by an appointment with a pulmonologist. Stay tuned!


Entropy said...

Congrats on getting Kain on the road to being taken care of! I hear you on those long exhausting days...not much advice here, I suffer from the same problem! Although sometimes notepads and pens will stave off the chaos for a little while. It's something easily carried in purse and/or diaper bag. Would love to hear the advice from those with 5, 6, 7, 8 children!!

mel said...

You know, I always have a notepad and pen in my bag too...just didn't think of breaking that out. Just tried to keep them occupied looking for things in magazines. Next time I need to have them pack a "to do" bag or something.

mum2twelve said...

As a mother of twelve I have developed the habit of having a small basket or back pack of toys for such trips. With my ninth we had this little basket that was filled with soft tosy so if they dropped they made no noise - great for Mass. She loved sharing them.

Recently I put together a plastic crate that is filled iwht colouring books and this week when we attend a KOC function that families are invited to, we will be adding soem crafts materials to the crate.

Pens and pads a definite must! AS are the magnetic doodle pads. You can find small 2 dollar ones in the Family Dollar stores!

good Luck!

And I think that the Crunchy Catholic family is a very special family! I will add Kain (SP?) and your family to our prayer book of intentions.

Christi aka mum2twelve