Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Tour de Parque, the final day

Well, I kind of left this hanging a bit...
The six and final day was kind of just a serendipitous add on. Jack had a baseball game that Saturday, and his baseball field just happens to have a park next door. We always visit after his games.

Jack plays baseball with Miracle League, a league for special needs, fittingly, the park next to it is designed especially with special needs kids in mind. It is a neat place!
unfortunately my pictures did not really turn out well at all. Go see pictures of this park here at this blog, she has some great ones! You can just, you know, imagine my crew on the equipment, lol...

I have a backlog of birthday posts to get up. Now that we are pretty much done with our school year, I hoe to have those up quickly!

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