Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dear Maria, week 2...sort of...

Hello! I am writing week 2 but I haven't mailed week 1 yet! haha! Well, see, I sent a letter a week ago with your shoes and stuff, and then also I never managed to get the week 1 letter printed off! I am out of colored ink and wanted to just print it at the library. We are going to the library this afternoon,so I can print it then. And I figure it works out well to mail it on a Thursday...we will be leaving for familyland ourselves on a Friday morning, so this way we can just mail our last letter right before we leave.

So, week 2...well, we managed to get Jack mostly well again. He is still coughing a lot, especially when he is running around, but that is to be expected for a while. Sunday was Father's Day...I was hoping you might have gotten to call home. Dad had to work, but we had brunch and all before he left. We gave him concert tickets and the kids colored cards and such, and we packed him some goodies in his lunch bag.

Mary was so cute...she worked for a long time on her picture!

I had a major Mom Fail on Monday. I took Tess for her swimming lessons and she was not on the list. She was on a waiting list, remember, and they called and said they could get her in the session that started on Monday. I didn't realize that that wasn't . confirmed until I paid for the class...I thought I could just pay on the first day, not that I had to make another trip to the rec center to drop off a check. So, she didn't get to start after all. It was very disappointing. She is still on the waiting list, and hopefully she gets in another session.

Tuesday we were supposed to go the Malco movie again...but we didn't make that either. Dad had worked very late and I just didn't have the heart to wake him up. The kids didn't really realize they were missing out on anything. We just filled up the giant wading pool instead and they have been happily playing in that.

And also, popsicles. Lots of them.

Wednesday, yesterday, VBS started! I am Jack's group leader of course. We have a big group of kids this year, twenty kids in Jack's group alone. Tess is with the kindergarten group, and Henry with the preschoolers. Mary Claire is in the nursery. Here's a couple of pictures!

Like Tess' braids? She loves them. She was annoyed that she got a green tshirt though, because green is not a girl's color, she says. I told her no one got pink shirts, and all the kindergarteners have to wear green...I don't think she really believed me until she got there. The theme this year is Weird Animals.

Henry had an unexpected attack of shyness when we arrived and didn't want to stay with his group. He spent the opening songs curled up in a ball on the floor. But once things got underway he was ok. He is excited about going back tonight. Tess of course had a lot of fun. Mary even handled the nursery ok. Jack, however, is having a hard time. He gets very weepy and upset during the opening and closing songs, he gets irritated whenever we have to wait for anything, and he keeps doing things that annoy the other kids,,,getting in their space or showing know the drill.

Jack being annoyed.
Today is Thursday...we are going to the library for a family performance...jugglers! That's at 2. Then we will come briefly back home and go back out for VBS.

Ok, closing up this letter so we can get out of here. We are missing you and hope to hear from you soon! I'm sure this has been a tiring week for you, the first Fest. We love you lots!

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