Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dear Maria, week 1

Dear Maria,

Today is Pentecost Sunday. You called and asked me to send your sneakers as soon as possible because you needed them to work in the stables. There will be a surprise inside. Tess and Henry got to work making you presents today. Henry made you a bracelet and a picture. Actually, he made part of the picture and told me what to draw for the rest. Tess wrote you a letter and made you a Valentine. In June. I asked her what her letter said, and she started singing the words to the My Little pony theme song,,,so make of that what you will. Tess was still running a fever, so I went to Pentecost mass all by myself. Dad went to LifeTeen mass with Jack. He said that they did the intentions in several different languages, read by different poeple of course, and Ms. Krystina read one in Swahili. Msgr. did one in Latin. We agreed that if you had been home you could have done the Latin one! We had a white and red dinner...white chicken with red pepper "tongues of fire", white rice, and 12 fruits fruit salad. Strawberry cake for dessert. The top had a bigger cross on it, but then some little booger got to the cake and picked the berries off. Ahem.

Oh, and we had little white powdered donuts for breakfast. Jack said they were the "best donuts ever."

And, just like that, it's Friday, June 13th. Not so good with the daily writing this week, eh? I've been having trouble getting pictures from phone to blog, most annoying. And also there has been so little to tell you. Everyone has been sick. The End. Jack's asthma started acting up badly this afternoon and so I ended up taking him to the after hours clinic, and he has pneumonia! weekend now involves Trying to Keep Jack out of the Hospital. He has to have nebulizer treatments every four hours around the clock, so dad and I are taking turns getting up tonight. He is on a strong antibiotic, and steroids, which he of course threw up like he does...but the antibiotic stayed down. He got lots of attention at the clinic. First, he was hacking and carrying on like a 70year old chain smoker. Then, he threw up all over the waiting room floor. And when this woman came to clean it up he said, "I'm very sorry I threw up all over the precious floor." haha!He was very chatty with the nurses and kept saying, "Have you ever been to Bangladesh? Do you know why sharks have gills? Do you know what the capital of Ecuador is?" They were cracking up. But it all got very serious when the doctor decided he had pneumonia. We are to go the ER tonight if he gets to breathing too fast and hard. And if he's not a lot better by tomorrow afternoon we are to go back to the clinic.

Oh! And Mary Claire had her shots today, too. Looks to be a looonngg night, lol.

Other than all the excitement at the clinics today, we have had long slow days of trying to get everyone well again. We missed the Tuesday movies and a trip to the lake because someone was always sick. I told you we would pay for our healthy winter! Jack did go to the library for a presentation on Albert Einstein. Dad took him, and said he handled it very well! So that was never know how he will handle things like that. But he does better and better. Even autistic kids grow up.

If I can get my pictures to cooperate, I will mail this tomorrow when I go to the grocery store. I hope you got your package. It was supposed to arrive by today. You got an Ipsy bag today, and your books came in the mail. I will mail them with this letter. I know the first Fest starts tomorrow, right? It's so weird to think of you doing all the Fest stuff there while we are here! Making dance night...the Fatima processions...we are so looking forward to it! The kids keep asking when we are going. They just don't get why you are already there and we are not! We all miss you, and I'll start another letter this weekend. Busy week ahead, if everyone stays well enough...Tess starts swimming lessons, and there is VBS too!

Update before I print and mail...Jack is doing much better. Still sick, but not in danger of going to the ER anymore. Yay!

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