Tuesday, November 23, 2010

more pictures- late September/early October

A very ripe banana...

...is a very good first food.

Our Letter B tea...cinnamon-sugar bagels

And berry punch. The big green box in the way contains Maria's lifelong collection of colored pencils.

Little snacks from the feast of the Guardian Angels.

H/T to Lacy at Catholic Icing. for this one!

Our church holds a pumpkin painting lunch every year.

Henry only watches the action from his car seat...

..but he has seasonal booties at least.

Jack detests getting his hands into the paint.


...not so much..

Tess's finished blue/grey masterpiece.


Kain's...I'm pretty sure that's someone with some kind of inflicted injury...

Maria's tasteful stripes...very tasteful, in fact. We very recently baked a "dinner in a pumpkin" stew inside this one!

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