Monday, November 29, 2010

mass fun

Yesterday during mass, at the moment of elevation of the host no less, Jack announces rather loudly, "I smell a fart!" You have to know Jack to appreciate this. He wasn't giggling or being bad or anything. He just constantly comments on what's around him, very matter of factly, and that's what he had to say, right then. Kain proceeds to fall apart because, 1. Jack said "fart", and that is a really, really funny word and you can't possibly stay in control of yourself if someone says it, and 2. Kain was likely the one who actually dealt it, judging from his bright red face and embarassed expression. Maria is visiting her grandparents, so she wasn't there to help, and all of this happened while John was already in the back with another small child, I don't even remember which one now as both Henry and Tess were generally fussy and both had to be taken out at different points. It was quite a mass, even for us.


Angela M. said...

Yesterday Father thanked all the moms at Mass for bringing their kids - he said he knew it was hard for them at times. So I will extend his thanks to you too!

scmom (Barbara) said...

Thanks for the laugh! :-)