Friday, November 26, 2010

Advent OCD

Jennie posted about how she bought extra Advent candles so that she can replace them anew each Sunday and all her candles would be the same length all of Advent. While I admire her own particular hang up, I have my own Advent candles have to burn down in equal rations. I mark my candles (secretly, with a toothpick), dividing them up so that the first candle will be 1/4th of the way down by the second Sunday of Advent, then half gone by the 3rd Sunday, then 3/4 gone by the 4th Sunday, etc. I do the same with the other candles, adjusting as to when they will be lit.

I've always been bothered with the extra candle leftover though, and all leftover candles really. Some brilliant commenter on Jennie's site said she uses up partially burned candles during Lent. Eureka! I love it! Such penance! I picture my home full of mismatched, unlovely candles, the picture of Lenten thrift.

Any of your own OCD habits to share?

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Angela M. said...

ROFLMAO! Were you looking in my window when you wrote this?!