Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My big babies

It looks like Tess has weaned.
I guess that's for the best. It will make things easier when the new one arrives. Still, it was kind of unexpected and leaves me a bit sad. She's my earliest weaner by far. I think it's because she's my only finger-sucker. She still will curl up when she's sleepy or upset and kind of "assume the position", but then she plugs her fingers in her mouth. My milk supply was dwindling anyway because she was only nursing a couple of times in a 24 hour period, and then when the second trimester came I think it dried up completely. She started going two and three days at a time without nursing at all. Then last week, she was awakened by a noise and very cranky about it and wanted to nurse, and I realized I couldn't really remember when the last time she nursed had been. I thought, "This may be the last time she nurses." And so far, it has been.

Also, Jack slept in his own room most of the night last night. He is *very* difficult to settle down at night and takes a couple of hours to fall asleep. Usually, especially since I have taken to going to bed earlier lately, he is still awake when I go to bed, and then we just (all three of us!) fall asleep together. This happens so often that we actually still had just a toddler bed in his room, and it was rarely being used. But in anticipation of adding another baby to the mix soon, we finally put together a twin bed for him that we'd been storing out in the garage and I bought a Thomas the Tank Engine sheet set for it. I moved the toddler bed into my bedroom (for Tess to start using, though we haven't started working on that yet). And then I left things alone. I know Jack well enough to know that it's best to proceed slowly with these things, so I just kind of let him get used to the changes in furniture and such. Well, last night, I was getting ready to go upstairs to bed and went to hunt up Jack, and I found him asleep in his own bed! He did end up in my bed at some point, but still...progress!

A while back I wrote this post wondering how I was going to work out new sleeping arrangements and such before the baby came. Things seem to be working out on their own, though I still think they will need a bit of nudging from me too. We will work on that after our little trip this month. My goal is to have Tess using the toddler bed, Jack in his own room, and the cosleeper free for the new baby. So,,,this is a good thing. Right? Yes, of course it is. (sigh) I just always seem to feel a little bit of growing pains before a new one comes, a kind of mourning for the way things have been and knowing that life will be changing soon. See?

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Tiny Actions said...

A weaning child is always bittersweet for me. Soon, you'll have another sweet baby. Much luck with the sleeping situation. I find no matter how much I try to plan for these things, it happens at it's own pace.