Sunday, February 28, 2010

A spring is springing daybook

Outside my is dark. I'm writing this daybook on Sunday night instead of Monday morning, because I'm having an "inservice day" tomorrow. :) I asked John for four of his days off between now and when the baby arrives to get some things done around here. Tomorrow is my first one, and I'm planning to spend zero time on the computer to make the most of it!

I am hearing...Caillou on for Jack, John rustling the Sunday paper. Kain is coughing, when he's not complaining about having to do his zone pick-up.

I am thinking...that this baby still seems so surreal to me most of the time. But sometimes not. Sometimes I suddenly picture little curled up limbs and a soft, sweet-smelling head and can't believe we will have a new little person here in just a few weeks.

I am thankful for...options. I'm glad I have the options that I do for Jack. If I had to work, as I have in the past, homeschooling him wouldn't even be something we could consider. Also, for speedy ER's. Tess dislocated her elbow Friday night! Maria was playing with her on our bed and grabbed her by the arm to pull her towards her, and it popped out. It was terrible. :( But it could have been a lot worse. For one thing, John was off of work, so that helped. And the ER was insanely empty for a Friday night. They had us back in a room in a few minutes, the doctor walked in and popped it back into place before we even knew what he was doing, we got an xray to make sure it was ok, and we were sent on our way, one hour and $100 co-payment later. I barely had time to be embarassed that Tess desperately needed a bath or that I realized too late that my white shirt was stained with coffee.

I am wearing... gray sweat pants and a teal green maternity shirt, socks and sneakers. I had a maternity skirt on for mass, but all my maternity pants/skirts are terribly uncomfortable now. I may spend the rest of my pregnancy in pajamas.

We are currently reading...Kain and I are finishing On the Shores of Silver Lake. Maria is still reading the Regina Doman books. Kain is reading Story of the World 3. Tessie loves "The Very Lonely Firefly" right now and her newest word is "Fiefly".

I am praying...for discernment for our coming school year.

Latest on the babies...Tess also says, "Pies!", which means "Suprise!", and many other new words. She's at the stage of picking up words daily, including a couple of new sentences like, "It's a ball." and "Where'd it go?"
Little Honey Five is now 34 weeks along! Yikes! And bigger, for sure...he's moving less, and when he does really get to moving it almost hurts. I can tell he must be getting cramped in there!

From the kitchen... Oh my goodness. I'm doing good just to get dinner on the table lately. I'm tired. I would like to make some pretzels with the kids one day this week. I have no freezer meals planned for this week and made none last week either. I'm running out of steam.

Around the house...well, there's my work day tomorrow. I'm planning to finish it finally finishing the schoolroom and purging the toy closet. I also plan to start working on organizing/purging the boxes of outgrown clothes upstairs and having the baby clothes easy to find in a few weeks.

In the learning room...Survival mode there too. Kain is still at day treatment. I'm mostly focused on Maria right now and getting as much school work done with her as I can before my due date arrives.

In the's time to start getting seedlings going,but I don't think I'm going to do much of that kind of thing this year. I was going to, but then I decided to be realistic here. I've got a baby arriving in April, and therapies to get started with Jack, and I have a feeling we will be working on rhythms around the house a lot this summer. I will probably just plant a few tomatoes this year. There are crocuses and daffodils starting to come up in the flower beds out front, and buds starting to form on the forsythia bushes. I'm too excited about the forsythia. I bought three teeny bushes on clearance for $5 a piece at the end of last spring. They've grown like crazy, but I've never seen them bloom yet!

Plans for the rest of the addition to my work day tomorrow, I need to make a stupid doctor's appointment. This is so nuts, but a while back I got a piece of glass or something in my foot, I don't even know what,,,I didn't feel it when it happened so I never saw what it was. Anyway, I was waiting to see if it would work it's way out, and it didn't. Then right after that was when we had the whole trip to the children's hospital for Jack, and I never have done anything about it. It really hurts, whatever it is. So, now I have to go to the doctor and have this thing cut out of my foot. Maria has extra Irish dance practices/performances most of the month...St. Patrick's Day you know. Co-op on Thursday, it's pajama/pancake breakfast day there. And I have a midwife appointment on Friday.

Our week in pictures...Oh dear. I found my camera cable! But I still haven't downloaded my pictures. I will do that this week, really. I have a precious video of Tessie doing the Itsy Bitsy Spider too, but I will have to try to record that again, because part way through the song Jack runs through the background necked as a jaybird. Probably shouldn't post that on the blog.


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a thorn in the pew said...

I stumbled across you blog today! I have two that "started out" as classic autism(one actually PDD NOS first) and both are now considered aspergers. I can tell you therpy works but so does being consistant in discipline. One is 13 and the other is will be 12 in June. We have "days", they receive art therapy(now) and see a psychiatrist. Both(unfortunately) were vaccinated. I homeschool them and my 9 yr old dd now and we do the best we can. I will keep you in my prayers.