Monday, February 08, 2010

Another snowy daybook

Outside my window...we are expecting more snow. I thought it was supposed to start this morning, but I woke up at 6am to at least a good inch already on the ground. Hmm. I'm ready for Spring.

I am hearing...Kain rocking in the rocking chair behind me waiting for the bus. Not much else. Everyone's asleep.

I am thinking...we have been eating out way too much. My budget is shot. I need to come up with some quick dinner ideas to keep on hand to fight the temptation to pick up stuff.

I am thankful for...not living in Virginia. :) I'm from northern Virginia. I love Virginia. I'm glad I'm not there for the 2+ feet of snow though.

I am wearing...a white tshirt and aqua pajama pants. I went to walmart last night in this. I'm not proud.

We are currently reading...By the Shores of Silver Lake with Kain. Assorted stuff around the house. I need to make a good library list and get some more books in the house for the others. I won't be taking the children. Last time we were at the library, we found this book. It's a sad day when I can't let my small children pick library books. We discuss things pretty openly in this house, and I would have used this to delve into this discussion with Maria or even Kain. But I resent the hell out of having stuff like this shoved down the throats of my preschoolers. I knew my day of censoring library materials would come, but frankly I thought it would be when Maria discovered the "Young Adult" section. I never thought my issues would come from the picture book shelves. Silly me.

I am praying...for a fruitful Lent. I haven't planned anything. I've thought about ordering something for me to read, but honestly, we have a lot around here already, and I'm sure I can find something online. Any ideas?

Latest on the babies...Tess has taken to doing this Jersey girl whiiiine anytime she is mad about something. She says, "MAAAAAAAAAA", but it's like a three syllable word, her pitch rising and falling. She sounds like Gloria Bunker.

Are you familiar with Nintendo Wii? We got one for Christmas, and on this game you can create a "Mii" to be the character that you are playing in the game. Jack figured out how to create his own. It is quite a sight, this Mii. He has a gigantic head and the blackest skin and eyes you can choose. But he has caucasian hair, straight and light brown in color and balding, and big black goofy Buddy Holly glasses. Jack named him "Gimzberg". We have no idea where this name came from. So. His Mii is a black, near-sighted, balding Jewish guy. The other kids created Mii's that looked like themselves. Not Jack. :)

From the kitchen...not a thing. We've had a crazy weekend, and I will be cleaning my kitchen today. I have no big kitchen plans except to put up a few more freezer meals.

Around the up my bedroom for company. My mom is going to come stay with the other kids while we take Jack to his evaluation next week.

In the learning room...just plugging away with Maria, and hoping to get to some Lenten planning this week.

In the crocus leaves are poking out through the snow, and yesterday we saw a robin in the front yard. Poor robin. We need to make sure the feeders are full today too. More snow coming. Waaah.

Plans for the rest of the week...our homeschool co-op starts this Thursday and will run for the next 10 weeks. I forked out big bucks so I wouldn't have to teach this term. I am taking the two littles to a local performance of Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny, won't that be fun?! Otherwise, we just have the usual dance/PSR/therapies.

Have a great week!


Anne said...

a good easy recipe if you're interested.

1 lb polish sausage, sliced
1 head cabbage, chopped
1 onion, coarsely chopped
2 cups green beans [I use fresh but frozen or canned would probably work as well]
8 potatoes, peeled and chopped
1 tart apple, chopped
1/2 cup apple juice
water as needed

Saute onions in butter. Add rest of ingredients. Add enough water to keep from sticking or burning. Cook 30 min or until potatoes are tender. Serve with generous amounts of butter, sour cream, S and P.

Anne Kiwi

Anne said...

i forgot to add, cover the pot to keep the majority of liquid in the pot.


abroadermark said...

OH NOOOOO...not Patricia Polacco!!! We've always loved her around here, and then she goes and writes that book. Sigh...

abroadermark said...

Oh, and Anne, your recipe sounds scrumptious! I think I'll put it on my menu for this week. Thanks.

mel said...

I know! I love her too! The Bee Tree is one of our favorites around here. And it's because of her that my oldest started her Ukranian egg hobby.

Thanks Anne, that sounds yummy...I love cabbage!