Tuesday, October 28, 2008

She CAN be taught

Maria hates Latin. Maria hates any schoolwork that stretches her a bit, that's why she hates Latin, but I love Latin for her for the same reason she hates it. Anyway, I guess it's sinking in in spite of herself. We were on our way to a field trip yesterday and saw a sign that said "Terra". She mumbled to herself, "Terra, means 'land or earth', terra, terrae, terrae, terram, terra, terrae, terrarum, terris, terras, terris."


mysteryhistorymom said...

Yeah Maria! You know, I loved Latin in high school. I actually competed in some Latin Conventions and won!:) BUT, I don't know how to get my girls excited about it, so we have not ventured there- yet.... Lori

Don't you love it when hard work pays off and you see the light bulb turn on?? Good job Mel!:)

mel said...

Salvete, Latin nerd!
I took Latin in high school too, 3 years! I also really liked it. The teachers I had were awesome though. :)