Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Jack- at three and a half

Jack loves- brownies, cake, any kind of dessert will do, really.

- the alphabet. He loves to sign the alphabet, read alphabet books, play
with alphabet toys and puzzles, and he can tell you all the sounds all
the letters make and what words begin with those letters.

- vehicles, of any kind, really, planes, cars, trucks, but his favorite
toy in the world is still his wooden train set. I pick it up once a week
to mop the playroom floor, and he immediately pulls it back out and sets
up his beloved tracks again.

- water. Bathtubs, puddles, the creek, it doesn't matter where it is, he
loves to get in it. We can't wait for pool weather again.

- his family. He loves to snuggle in Momma's bed, go for long walks with
Daddy, put on music and dance with Maria, and play anything at all with
Kain. He's also crazy about his Meme and Papa. Papa is his "best

- going places. Every morning after he gets dressed, he wants to "go to
the car". He also just loves people in general and greets the cashiers
with, "How ya doin?" and leaves them with, "Bye, have fun!"

Jack hates- vegetables and meat. He's horribly picky.

- bedtime. What a boring way to end the day!

- being told "no". For obvious three year old reasons.

We celebrated being 3 1/2 with ice cream this afternoon.

In other news....some random Eastertime pics I never got around to posting....

Decorating eggs....excuse my dining room, still papered in that lovely old newsprint. It's somewhere on my list of "fixing up the fixer upper".

The Big was *cold*...

The Easter altar...check out our grass, remember the bowl of dirt from Ash Wednesday? And that's our former crown of thorns decorated with flowers.

painted pots the kids made at church....

more decorations...each one of the plastic eggs has a goodie inside, and we're opening one each Sunday during the Easter season.

There's no pictures of Maria! She was with my parents that week and we didn't see her until Easter Sunday. She was at the egg hunt, but off with the big kids somewhere while I stayed behind and helped Jack.


Kelly said...

Jack is such an adorable little genius man!

mysteryhistorymom said...

I love what you wrote about Jack. Sweet thoughts that can be so quickly forgotten.. I am inspired to do this for my girls now. Lori

Lisa said...

Jack sounds like such a smart, adorable little boy! The pictures of your Easter altar and flower pots are beautiful!