Thursday, April 17, 2008

the due date

That irritating little clicker over on the right keeps ticking the days down. I now have, according to the clicker, 31 days until my due date. My plans to perfectly organize my life before Peanut's arrival are not working out so well. I thought I could get some done in the afternoons after school was done for the day, but it turns out that I actually use that time to do lots of other stuff,,,like laundry, and housework, and cooking, that kind of stuff. And with the baby coming, and the "visit from the out of state in-laws" that will follow, keeping up with the housework and laundry and all is important to my stress level. When I look at the messy house, I think, "What if I went into labor RIGHT NOW?" There's really no time to do anything extra. So, I've picked some tasks to work on each remaining weekend. Assuming the baby doesn't come early, I should finish at least the most important things. And if it *does* come early...well, won't all get done. Life will continue. :) So, here's the layout...there are only 4 weekends left.

1st weekend- organize and purge Kain's closet and dresser to make room for Jack's clothing. Move Jack's clothing out of dresser and changing table into Kain's closet and dresser. Make seasonal clothing changes for boys and help Maria do hers. Make list of needed warm-weather clothing and hit Target website.

2nd weekend- Purge and clean up master bedroom (which is also where the baby will be sleeping). Rearrange furniture to make room for baby stuff. If time, go through the really junked out under the stairs closet and organize the holiday decorations and all. Not because this has anything to do with the baby coming. Just because.

3rd weekend- Finish painting master bedroom/bathroom. It is already 2/3 of the way painted and needs to be finished. Bring changing table and baby dresser upstairs. Buy new bookshelf for playroom and bring old bookshelf upstairs to put in closet for storing not currently being used schoolbooks. Not because this has anything to do with the baby coming. Just because.

4th weekend- Wash baby stuff and put in dresser. Catch up laundry and pack our bags, including the kids' bags for going to stay at Meme's house when labor starts. Set up crib, co-sleeper style, at my side of the bed (it's mostly put together already). Keep up with laundry daily since, 1. everyone will have at least a couple of outfits packed in suitcases, and 2. so no one has to worry about it for at least several days after returning home with the baby.

This doesn't include the weekend of May 17-18. My due date is May 19th, after all, and even I'm not that bold.

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scmom (Barbara) said...

I hope your nesting kicks in soon and gives you that extra energy burst you'll need. During my last two pregnancies I did laundry every day for the last week or so -- I was so convinced that somehow my family would run out of clean clothing!