Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mom's Car Rules

1. We will always say the rosary upon getting in the car for the first time in a given day...partly because it's a good use of our time in the car and partly because it guarantees me 15 minutes of peace and relative quiet.

2. If you use your rosary as a lasso on the person sitting in front of you, or as a leash for your dinosaur, I will confiscate the rosary and you will be reduced to counting on your fingers.

3. I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT mediate arguments about who won the "punch buggy, no punch backs". Even if you did say the addendum, "to infinity, 1,2,3 no take backs" and the other person did not.

4. I am removing the 70's box set from the car and replacing it with selections from our music appreciation pieces for the school year....partly because it's a good use of our time in the car and partly because I'm a little unnerved with hearing my kids sing these songs. There are certain songs that you don't think are too bad until you hear them come out of your kids' mouths. It was bad enough when Jack learned how to sing "Brick House". It was really bad enough when Kain learned the "Bertha Butt Boogie". But listening to Maria singing "we made love in my Chevy van and that's all right with me" was the last straw. They have been officially retired.


Entropy said...

Rosary saying in the car, great idea!

LOL #4!

Your kids say 'punch buggy' too? Geez, that's weird. We always said Slug Bug. I don't 'recognize' when the kids say 'punch buggy' and so they've switched to saying Slug Bug, which pleases me. :) I told them we used to hit each other and wipe it off but they thought that was not as much fun as keeping track of how many they found in a day. I guess that's good; they don't really need another reason to hit each other!

Terimisu said...

You are so funny. I would have died if Eden would have sang that too. Good choice to remove it.
Hey is Maria's party August 31st? Are you still coming to get Eden from school. and last but not least....I still have maria's glasses!!

Kelly said...

LOL! Since I've had "if you like pina coladas...." stuck in my brain for a week, I sympathize. I never realized how vile some of these lyrics are. :(

My kids fight over the punch buggy thing all the time too, how funny! And here I was thinking they were little freaks! I guess this must be "normal" for kids who don't spend their car time glued to a TV screen.