Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a belated Merry Christmas

Favorite moments of the day include....

Jack opening his first Thomas train set- he has been madly in love with Thomas for several months, and for Christmas he received a set of tracks and several cars. They have been inseparable ever since. He doesn't really drive them on the tracks much yet, but he adores lining them end to end and carefully steering them around the floor.

Maria and Kain test-driving their new scooters out on the street, in the cold, in their pajamas on Christmas morning.

Opening my favorite Christmas candy, Mrs. Field's peppermint bark. John couldn't find it last year, so in reparation he bought TWO packages this year. Good man.

Also opening my new digital camera...stay tuned for a slew of pictures!

John in his much needed new coat- his old one was never warm enough and looked a mess because he kept hooking the pockets on doorknobs.

Getting to tote around this warm and fuzzy 5 month old baby girl at Christmas dinner at Little Portion Hermitage....
scroll down and see the picture of the baby dressed as the "Holy Innocents"...that's baby Madeline, the one that leaves me wondering, yet again, when we will be expecting a baby around here! :)

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