Sunday, December 31, 2006

and a pretty view of our Christmas tree

I like to take a couple of up close pictures of our tree and pick the one that comes out the best for our albums. The corkscrewy ornament is our homemade one for this year. We grew borax crystals on a pipe's supposed to look like an icicle. :) The cat one is Maria's new ornament for this year. The kids each get a new one each Advent. This one looks just like her favorite cat, Dinah (we have 4!). There's some last-minute pipecleaner decoration that Maria made....there's a glass ball behind it, and a snowman peeking up from the bottom. Our ornaments are a bit overcrowded this year. We couldn't put any ornaments on the bottom half of the tree. Jack kept taking them off and distributing them around the house.

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