Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Jack's 5th grade school picture....

Alllll the pictures I took trying to get that picture...

Getting a picture of this child is a nightmare. He will not make a nice face. You have to distract him and sneak up on it.

Jack is in fifth grade this year, and tomorrow is his 11th birthday! I can't believe he is that old. He was only 2 when I started this blog! He is doing very well. We are still enrolled in Mother of Divine Grace, and still adapting their curriculum for him. I would say, very generally, that he is on about a 3rd-ish grade level. Maybe late 2nd grade in math. We have backed up a bit and kind of mostly starting math over with Math U See. It is too soon to tell if that will help. He still goes to speech and OT, though he is down to two hours a week now. He plays baseball with Miracle League...he takes piano lessons...he attends PSR classes at our church (with my husband). As he gets older, we see more issues with anxiety cropping up,,,I will maybe blog more about that in another post. He still loves trains, love Legos, loves Pokemon, jumping on the trampoline, playing the Wii, riding his scooter...this summer he learned how to skate and now he loves to go to the skating rink. He is my sweetie. Love this boy.

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