Saturday, October 03, 2015

I know I keep saying this, but....

I really, really want to get back to blogging! I have so much fun looking back through the archives at all of our adventures. I am really going to try this week to start up again.

Let's start with back to school pictures and updates, how about that? I will post an "update" on all five kiddos, one for each day this week. And I'll start off today with my nephew, Kain,,,so many of you have prayed for him over the years and ask about him. He is 15 now. 15!!! Can you believe it? He was 6 when he first made an appearance here, back at the beginning of this blog! I won't share too much because he is a teenager and I want to respect his privacy, but...he is really doing much better. He is still living with my parents, and is happy there and in high school now and right now things are blessedly ok on that front. His high school has a vocational training type of program and they are thinking that would be a good thing for him in the second half of high school. He is also getting confirmed this spring!

Here is a very poor picture to share with him in it, lol. He went with us to Familyland in August. He is making a goofy face here, because he does that for All The Pictures. And most of my other kids look kind of dorky because I told them to say "FAMILYLAND" instead of "CHEESE" and discovered that "cheese" is the word of choice for a reason. But it's the only recent picture I have handy with Kain in it!

Next time, updates on Maria~

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