Monday, October 05, 2015


So...I am very conscious of the fact that I am now blogging about an adult child. But I want to share a little about the latest goings on of my sweet oldest. Maria graduated! She is in college! Big things, big things. Oh, I could write many long posts about all the adjustments this involved, but suffice to say we are very proud of her, and we miss her very much. I don't want to name the school she is attending, for creepy-stalker reasons,,,if you know me through other arenas you probably already know where she is. But she is at a good Catholic school. So, creepy stalkers, start searching Catholic schools for all the Maria's...she will graduate before you finish, haha!

She is majoring in theater with a minor in theology. She is involved in soccer and choir and swing dances and having a lot of good fun. Hopefully she is studying a bit too...mid-terms approacheth. Can't wait to have her home for a nice long Christmas break.

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