Sunday, September 05, 2010

August, and A week on the Alphabet Path

Hi, remember me?
I'm still here, getting our school year started. Computer time is hard to come by should see my inbox! I really really really want a laptop, ok?

Here's a mess of pics from our first few weeks of school....
"A" is for...

Apples, Angels, Airplanes, the Assumption, Angelina Ballerina, and our author of the month, Alan Say.

Kain's doing the geography path and read about America and Alaska this month.

Some of Maria's school books, just for fun.

Amazing Keva and clay creations

And making a letter A apple pie! I love to bake, but I took shortcuts for Jack's short attention span and used can filling and a pre-made crust this time.

Our school year has started pretty well. We've had some curve balls, small ones...Jack and Tess have passed two different viruses around. Maria had a terrible sunburn that left her miserable and rather uncooperative for a couple of days. The van was down for a few days, which meant I had to get up and drive John to work and then pick him back up. Such is life. Very few days go like they are "supposed to". Henry also wants to be held *constantly* and doesn't nap as well as he used to. He's not cranky, really. He's a very happy long as you are holding him! :) I think it's because he's getting older. He just wants to see everyone and be a part of everything. We are on track with our lesson plans, but behind on the alphabet path...we still haven't quite finished up our A stuff, but we will in the next day or so. We have a few read alouds left, as well as some Angel Airplanes and maybe a trip to a u-pick farm to pick apples! I also wish I had more pictures....I need to break out my camera more. I missed our Assumption pictures...we made homemade vanilla pudding with blueberries on top! Jack, all the kids, really, loved the Alphabet Path fairy stories and can't wait for the next installment. I had plans to make Jessica's painted saint dolls and even ordered some supplies, but I decided to wait and do it when Tess is a little older. Jack really isn't going to care about them. But Tess will love them!

Ok, I've got to run....a few more minutes shoveling out my inbox, maybe a bit of reading on my google reader, and then it's time to wake the masses for mass!

**update...make that three viruses. Jack woke up this morning and threw up. It's been downhill ever since! (sigh)


Tiny Actions said...

Looks like fun! Hope you guys enjoy the path as much as we did. We're actually taking a second walk down the path this year. There's just so much fun stuff that we couldn't get it all in last year. Hope the kiddos feel better soon. My kids just got over a mutated form of hand foot mouth disease. It was all in their throat and mouth. It was by far the most intense illness we've seen in a long time. Hope you guys don't get that at your house.

Erin said...

Your pie looks great!! We are planning on going to an apple orchard too, later this week... did you guys get to go, or was everybody too sick? Sorry to hear about that... I am sure illness makes it so much harder to do school.

Mary @ tinyprayers said...

So sorry to hear about your sick little ones. Hang in there. I am saying a prayer for you.

Kelly said...

Love that pie. I am, as always, in awe of everything you do!

Sorry about the viruses - puking ones are the worst IMO. I hope everyone is better soon!

mel said...

Thanks for the prayers for sick kiddos...Tess and Jack have recovered, but John said Kain got up last night looking for a bowl to keep at his bedside (sigh). I haven't woken him up yet. I'm trying to to obsess about getting more and more behind!

Maria had hand foot and mouth disease when she was little! I took her to the ER because I thought she had chicken pox in her throat! That was terribly painful for her.

I haven't had any luck finding a upick farm so far. I only knew of one, and like many farms this year they lost a lot of their crop to the dry weather. So, with the cooties and all, we just went to the farmer's stand and bought a half bushel of apples instead, lol.

Thank you Kelly! I think the same thing when I read other's blogs. I keep telling myself that I'm only seeing a small slice of their life. If you only knew the pains I went through to take pictures of Jack making that pie that allowed me to go back later and edit my messy kitchen out of the pictures, hehe...

scmom (Barbara) said...

That sounds like an awesome start. You have your hands full -- God bless you!

PS Try putting Henry in the backpack -- he can watch all the goings on and your arms are free.

+JMJ+ said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAdorable Pie! Hope you're all feeling better!