Wednesday, September 08, 2010

my Latin scholar

I found this written by Kain...he's only been taking Latin for a few weeks, but he's quite taken with it and apparently looked up these words in the glossary in the back of his book because he wanted to write something in Latin.

"Bellum,i aeternus,a contra Roma. moneo bellam,i pugna,ae."

The translation, loosely...

"Eternal war against Rome. I warn of war and fighting."

The reason for all the commas? Well, when you look a word up in the glossary, that's how they are listed, with a couple of the case endings. He doesn't know what those are yet, so he thought it was part of the word I guess. :)


entropy said...

That is really awesome!

Lisa said...

Wow that is impressive! Way to go, Kain and way to go, Aunt Mel! :-)

Kelly said...

How cool! Although, it could bode ill for Rome.. ;)