Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tessie turns two!

Singing Happy Birthday...she always puts her fingers in her mouth when you sing to her, hehe.

Her new toy kitchen

The ball was from Maria...Kain has already managed to pop it (sigh). It's ok! I'll get another!

...and the dress-up stuff was from Kain and Jack. The purple thing over her arm is the new pair of pajamas from Meme and Papa. She got a See and Say from them too, but that picture didn't come out.

Museum ABC blocks,,,a big hit! She got the picture book that went with it too.

Happy Birthday big sister!


kori said...

Aw, Happy Birthday! Helen just turned two as well and recieved....a play kitchen, a see and say, and pajamas. LOL!

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday Tess.

Tiny Actions said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Tess. She looks so cute all dressed up!