Thursday, June 24, 2010

Henry, 2 months old

Can you believe it's been two months? I haven't even finished my birth story yet! Sheesh.

Henry is doing great. He's finally gaining weight at a good clip. He's not quite the chunk my other babies were, but he's got a couple of little rolls on his thighs now and he's awfully sweet.

He smiles and coos and is finally getting better at holding his head up. Along with a couple of other vague issues that haven't amounted to much, he has muscle tone that's a bit low. So did Jack. The pediatrician agrees he's a bit loose, but not enough to worry about. I'm trying not to obsess about the fact that autistic kids often have low muscle tone. And that male siblings of autistic children have higher chance of being autistic. I often stew about when Jack started to shift...when he started to lose his eye contact, when we started to lose some part of him to autism. One thing is for sure, we missed it. I look back through pictures and try to remember what exactly Jack was doing, what he was like at that point in time, and I can't quite reach it, the point where he went from being just fine to showing those early signs. It just happened, and one day we looked up and we were shocked at what was right in front of us, and we lost a lot of time that should have been spent helping him, and I feel like we failed him in that way.

So I watch Henry and Tess closely, and Henry especially.

I make myself notice that, at this point, he makes fantastic eye contact and loves to chat and sing with Momma.

Right now, he is fully here and present. He's meeting all his milestones on time.

Note to future self: at two months of age, Henry is just fine.


Kelly said...

Aw Melanie, this post made me cry. He is *beautiful*! I know this is stupid to even say, but try not to worry too much. My #4 was a floppy little puddle till she was 16 months old - the docs were even starting to question if something was wrong and she's fine [actually, really laid back, which is a blessing!]. I hope it is the same with Henry - you have enough on your plate! God bless you!

Amy said...

I can't get over how beautiful your children are. I am so proud of you and John and hope that you continue to grow with love. I miss you so much and hope to see you sometime again. I can't wait to meet your new children and see Maria again.

mel said...

Thanks Kelly...his muscle tone is already improving I think, though he is still kinda loose, lol. Are you blogging again?

Aw, Amy! hey, you should come visit this summer! Your kids are gone! You can smooch on mine! lol...or wait until a school break and bring Amber. We won't mind, what's another body or two around when there's already so many....