Thursday, June 10, 2010

just a catch-up post

....because I feel like checking in...

We are rearranging the living room this week. That living room painting I tried to get done the whole time I was pregnant is slowly underway. We rearranged the furniture into totally new configurations in our too tiny living room. It's not working out quite like I had it in my brain. We have too much crammed into this room. But it's all kind of needed. We have a lot of people to seat. In a perfect world I could relocate the oversized rocker and ditch the old, huge recliner and go buy a smaller loveseat. And I wouldn't have this inordinate attachment to my grandmother's old coffee table, which is actually a very nice piece of furniture that has the rare quality of withstanding years of daily abuse and still has not developed a wobble...but it takes up precious floor space. In the meantime, the whole room has this really claustrophobic feel because all the big furniture is a good couple of feet away from the walls so as to allow room for painting.

The aforementioned rearranging interfered with my blogging. The computer had to be disconnected and moved, and my camera cable was removed from the back. I'm not sure where it goes and haven't worked up the gumption to figure it out yet.

Summer is picking up. My in-laws came to visit for a few days, and we've been to the library for a workshop on making walking sticks. We will go back today for a kid's concert. They have shows every Thursday afternoon, and workshops every Tuesday. We will take advantage of a lot of these...hardly any excuse not to since we live four blocks from the library!

And, Henry beckons, so that's all for now! Hopefully I'll be back with some pictures...

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