Tuesday, April 06, 2010

a 39 weeks and counting daybook

Sorry this is a bit late. Did you think I might have had a baby? Haha! Silly you! Nope, I've just had a broken keyboard that finally was replaced today. We tried taking it apart and cleaning it, a project that just tickled my little obsessive-compulsive heart, but it didn't help...so now we have a new keyboard and it's giving me fits. The keys are bigger so it is throwing off my groove a bit. I'll get used to it.

Outside my window...Sunny and warm...ahh, Spring. It's lovely. It was a very warm Easter, 80 degrees! Easter is so unpredictable. The last few years were very cold and I have pictures of the kids hunting for eggs dressed in winter coats. This year they were in shorts and tshirts!

I am hearing...The scratch of crayons. Maria and Tess are coloring paper plates. :)

I am thinking...that the spirit is willing but the body is weak. I am motivated and feeling pretty good, energy-wise, to get stuff done around here. My lower back and hips beg otherwise.

I am thankful for...a healthy, if uncomfortable pregnancy. And for a better mental attitude than last week. I'm ok waiting for this baby to come in it's own time.

I am wearing...oh, embarrassing....pajama pants and a tshirt, socks. I'm dressed for working at home today and staying as comfy as possible.

We are currently reading...Still reading The Long Winter with Kain. Maria is reading The Greeks from Usborne. Still reading our Easter picture books.

I am praying...for two Grandmom's and their health problems.

Latest on the babies...Waiting on this baby to arrive, of course. He feels big and heavy, though a couple of people have said that I don't look as big as I did with Tess. I'm not so sure about that. I feel enormous. And so do my feet...I'm swelling quite a bit! Jack started OT last week and it went ok as far as I know. He doesn't tell me much at the time. It's not his way. He tends to spontaneously say something about things when he's ready, not when he's questioned. Later that day, he was feeling chatty, and so I asked about therapy again and he said they had a ball pit and a slide. :)

From the kitchen...I'm laying into my freezer meals already. I know...they are supposed to be for after the baby is born, but I don't care. I can't imagine feeling less like cooking then than I do now. Easter was very easy for me. We went to my family's for dinner, and all I had to bring was drinks!

Around the house...I finally purged and sorted through the children's clothes. Maria and I spent all day yesterday doing this. It's quite a job, especially since over the last couple of years everything has gotten unsorted and jumbled together. I started by cleaning through closets and drawers, pulling out all outgrown clothes to take upstairs. Then we emptied all the containers of clothes onto my bedroom floor into one ENORMOUS pile. Then began the sorting. And sorting. And sorting. Boxes for shoes, neutral clothing, cloth diapers that don't fit Tess anymore and won't fit the baby yet, outgrown clothes of all kinds...and pulling out spring and summer clothes for Tess and Jack, mostly, but a few things I had put away for Maria and Kain too. And of course, pulling out teeny baby things. Today I am cleaning up the mess that happened when I spent the day upstairs yesterday, and catching up on all our laundry, hopefully for the last time...after this point I will do laundry daily so as to have plenty available when we need to pack up to leave. Once all our laundry is done, I'll wash and put away the baby's things. They are clean, but I'd like to give them another wash to get rid of any dust/cat hair.

In the learning room- Working on making a PECS schedule for Jack. This is a kind of pictorial schedule used for autistic children.

In the garden- nothing on my part. John is working on a yard clean-up as I type.

Plans for the rest of the week...PSR tonight, Kain is visiting my parents until tomorrow. Maria has state testing in the morning, and the littles and I will meet friends at the park during the test. Co-op on Thursday. Therapies on Friday, and a midwife visit. Or else, I'll just be having a baby. :) I said I was *ok* waiting, not that I was enjoying it!

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Caroline said...

I hope your little guy arrives soon.

I would love to see the PECS schedule you're setting up for Jack. My 3yo just started at the autism preschool and they have this also. It looked great.