Monday, April 19, 2010

a "no, I haven't had this baby yet" daybook

Outside my window...cloudy and cool, the cardinals are at the feeders.

I am hearing...the cardinals! They woke me up this morning. It's a nice way to wake up an alarm clock.

I am thinking...that my coffee mug needs a refill. How's that for deep thoughts?

I am thankful husband,,,he's home, and upstairs sleeping, which will help keep the littles up there for a while.

I am wearing...a pair of sweatpants and a tshirt.

We are currently reading...I'm reading some old Robin Cook novel that my parents gave me. We trade finished fiction back and forth before passing it on to the thrift stores. I'm finding paperback fiction a painless way to pass the time.

I am praying...that today will be this baby's birthday!

Latest on the babies...I'm still pregnant. That's all the latest that matters. My due date has come and gone, I'm over a week late, or just about a week late, depending on which due date you want to go with. I have periods of regular, strong contractions pretty much every day and have for several days now. But they aren't "taking", and we are still waiting. It is most frustrating.

In other kid news...Jack is so funny. He will say things oddly a lot of the time...most kids do, of course, but Jack's funny little sayings happen practically hourly because he has trouble expressing himself to begin with, especially abstract things like when he's upset or angry. He will usually use scripted speech at these times, some phrase he's picked up from one of us or from a tv show. But every so often he just expresses himself, in his own words, very well, and it's so cute to hear. Yesterday Maria was making him get off his computer game and he was *not happy* about that. He told her, "Stop treating me that way Maria! Take your annoying away!"

From the kitchen...labor, and post-labor foods, waiting to be packed up. Cheese and crackers, nuts, fruit, juice, soups...

Around the house...keeping up with laundry, and that's about it. John cleaned the kitchen yesterday, isn't that sweet? Boy, it needed it.

In the learning room...I made Kain pick up in there yesterday as a consequence for a behavior issue. You can always tell when we are having a hard time with Kain...the house and yard are much neater.

In the garden- A huge pile of sticks and branches, gathered by Kain, as a consequence for another behavior issue. :) Oh, and our dogwoods are blooming! They are getting so big! We got them as a couple of twigs from the Arbor Day foundation three springs ago. Last year was the first time they bloomed, but barely. Maria's had a couple of flowers, and I don't think Kain's had any. This year they both have several. My only issue is that I ordered a pink and red one. Our house is white, and I wanted some color in the front yard. Well, they are both blooming with white flowers! Ah well...

Plans for the rest of the Yeah. Yeah, I think I'd like to have a baby. Today, please.

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Carla said...

Thanks for the update - I keep checking in on your "baby watch" - oh, not to scare you but my # 5 was 2 weeks late and weighed 10lb 9oz (homebirth too)! Will pray for youin the coming days!