Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Palm Sunday daybook

I'm posting this today because I'm going to stay off the computer for Holy Week. I'll bet I'll find time to get some of these pre-baby things done then! The computer has just been way too easy a way to feed my lazy behavior.... But if I'm lucky enough to go into labor, I'll let ya'll know! :)

Outside my window...It's beautiful right now, if a bit chilly. Not sure what the actual temp is, probably in the 50's, but a chilly wind is blowing.

I am hearing...Elmo's World

I am thinking...that I'm sloooowly getting some things done, but at a pathetic pace...still having a lot of aches and pains, so I unload the dishwasher, and sit for 10 minutes, and load the dishwasher, and sit for 10 minutes, etc. It works, if you aren't hoping to get too much done in a day. The trick is to keep the 10 minutes from turning into an hour.

I am thankful kicks. This guy had a rather quiet couple of weeks,,,I even laid down and did kick counts a few times. He must have just been resting up for a growth spurt, because he's very active again and packing a punch.

I am wearing...olive green yoga pants, what I now live in, and a black long sleeved shirt. Sneakers, because they are the only things I can stand to wear over this stupid plantar's wart. Come on, St. Peter!

We are currently reading...I'm still reading The Autism Book. I've been re-reading parts of A Mother's Rule of Life to try and give my self a kick in the pants. Kain and I are still reading The Long Winter. I have some Easter picture books out for the littles.

I am praying...for an early birthday for this baby. :)

Latest on the babies...38 weeks! So close, and yet so far away! Tessie's latest words include "toto" for tomatoes, which she *loves*, and "Caillou", her favorite program. Yes, my toddler watches too much pbs. *Everyone* is watching too much tv right now. I'll deal with it post-baby. I don't have the gumption to care right now. She is also putting together more sentences, like "Where's the ball? Where'd it go?"

From the kitchen...cereal. Toast. Leftovers. Easy crock pot meals. I'll make hot cross buns for Good Friday. John's birthday is April 1st, so we will have a corny April Fool's Day dessert like we usually do, but on Tuesday instead because April 1st is also Holy Thursday and it doesn't seem appropriate to celebrate then. Besides, he's working on the 1st. We are having Easter dinner at my parents' this year, and my big contributions are drinks and cupcakes.

Around the house...The living room may never get painted. Tuesday was my first "living room painting day", but now we are celebrating John's birthday on that day and I can't really very well put him to work moving furniture and hauling ladders and such. I'm playing it by ear, I have hopes...but it's all going to depend on when this baby actually comes I guess.

In the learning room...I've actually been spending quite a lot of time here making some plans for the littles for some summer learning.

In the garden- Forsythia, daffodils, hyacinths blooming...all with no help from me.

Plans for the rest of the week...Other than what I already mentioned in the kitchen section, we will start watching Jesus of Nazareth tonight. We do that every year during Holy Week. I'll attend mass/services on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, alone since John is working. Wish me luck there. Evening stuff is rough with the littles. We'll dye eggs on Saturday, and after mass and egg hunting we will go visit family on Easter.

Have a blessed Holy Week!

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J.C. said...

Oh, Mel, I wish I could get a crew together and help paint your living room while you sit on the couch! I feel all caffeine-induced energetic and am really feeling your pregnant pain... :(