Friday, August 07, 2009

Tess the toddler

Today, Tessie...

---found a bottle of blue sugar sprinkles, somehow, and chewed a hole in the bottom of the jar. The kitchen floor is still sticky.

---found the 45 count bag of plastic spoons and emptied them all onto the kitchen floor. Three times. That's 135 spoons, I believe.

---found the bottle of red food coloring Maria was using for a science experiment, got the cap off and emptied the whole thing all over her face, hands, feet, and down her mouth. She's had a bath. She's still pink.

---pooped in the tub during her bath, and then fought tooth and nail to try and grab some of it before I managed to fish her out.


Anonymous said...

LOL...don't you just love it!'s funny from my end anyway : ) She is so darned cute!

Aimee said...

Wow, you must be tired!!

Kelly said...

ROFL! This is something that will be REALLY funny in years to come, but that really doesn't seem funny at all while you are living it... ;)

Charlotte said...

Wow, you've had it worse than I have but we're going through the same types of things. My Johnny is looking pretty beat up today. Yesterday he fell off a bicycle(his older brother was supposed to be helping him. Yes, I know he's 15 months old but he wanted on it), he fell off the table (he's figured out how to move the chairs so he can climb up) and then another older brother busted his lip with the teeter totter. I've managed to avoid the high chair fall so far.
I'm a little nervous to take him in public.