Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting our school year on

Here are some photos from our first couple of weeks of school!

Projects from Jack's first week of preschool.

The preschool table from our first week.

This came out really dark...Maria and Kain decorating new notebooks.

A school table loaded with goodies to enjoy.

More photos of our new school room, open for business...

We went on a field trip to a local nature center. I'm sad to say this picture of a distracted Jack was the only one I took. We are visiting again soon though and I'll take more.

Afterwards we went to the lake with our friends for one last picnic and swim before fall arrives.

Yes, the big kids were there too! But they were off with friends, swimming. I only saw the two littles most of the time we were at the lake.

Thank you, everyone, for your sweet congratulations. I'm feeling very tired and very nauseous and very ready for the first trimester to BE DONE ALREADY. I was having a hard time getting organized for this new school year as it was, and now some days I feel like I'm circling the drain. But we keep muddling along as best we can, and experience tells me that in a few weeks I'll be feeling much better.


Aimee said...

I love your schoolroom! I like the welcome sign too. I used to do that for my son when he was younger. I also used to "take roll" on the first day. He wasn't very amused with that, but I thought it was funny!

entropy said...

You looked great when I saw you! I'm so sorry that I was too scatterbrained to offer my congratulations in person.

Love the organized school room!

Tiny Actions said...

Your schoolroom is so nice and neatly organized. It turned out great!

I stole your idea of welcome signs and used it. The kiddos loved it by the way. Thanks! You can read about it on my blog

Also, where did you get the hang on the wall bookshelves you have in your picture? I like that the books can be displayed instead of using a traditional bookshelf.