Monday, July 06, 2009

The plan for today

This week is.....


...clean/organize/paint the schoolroom week!


So, here's the issue. Our schoolroom/playroom...I never know what to call it. Learning room sounds a bit pretentious. Anyway. It is junkity junk junked out. It is such a mess, especially the big walk-in closet I use for storage. It also has never been painted, not by me anyway, and the dirty white walls have got to go. So, today, I begin work. The big kids are on little kid detail this week. I've promised them rollicking good times for the rest of July if they will help me out this week. I'd like to say I managed to clear my schedule for the week, but that's not entirely true. So I may not be sleeping. Here's the plan though-

Today- Clean up the room and move last year's school books out. Push all the furniture to the middle. Clean up and repair the walls. Repair the part of the floor I am working on. Empty closet and do the same in there. We have a doctor's appointment today, so that will probably be enough, but if Tess cooperates tonight I may do some purging and organizing of the closet contents.

Tuesday- Tarp everything. Sand repaired areas and mark line around walls to separate colors. Paint first color on upper third of the wall, two coats. We may go to the library on this day. This is a lighter day of basically waiting for the paint to dry. I may do some more organizing of the closet junk if I can.

Wednesday- We are meeting friends at a local park early in the day. After lunch, I'll paint the second color on the bottom 2/3rds of the wall. two coats. I'll pull up the carpet in the closet (it's already pulled up in the room itself). Then I'll move stuff off the area of the floor that is being refinished and prime it.

Thursday- We will be gone all day. I have to go to social security for Kain, he has a therapy appointment, we have a lunch date with another family, and then I need to stop by the church for a VBS meeting. This will be'll give the closet a chance to dry out really well before I put stuff in it. I would like to put the first color of paint on the floor though. Two coats.

Friday- Finish organizing the closet stuff and put it all away. Move furniture back into place as best I can considering I need to leave clear the floor in progress. Put timeline and such on the walls. Finish painting said floor, and put first coat of varnish on it before going to bed.

Over the weekend- That's pretty much it, I'll just need to finish varnishing the floor. I want at least three coats of varnish. Then it needs to dry for something like 3 days before we can move furniture back on it. So I won't be *all* done until the middle of next week I guess.

Tess doesn't sleep well without me right now, so I really don't know if I'll be able to stay up late to work on stuff or not. I'm going to try. I really want to get this done this week. I *need* to get this done. Closing the playroom is a big deal. And I'm refinishing part of the floor, and it needs to be done in a certain time frame and have plenty of time to dry before we can move back in. I don't want this project to take over the whole of our summer break. So I am going to suck it up and get it done, and hopefully the kids will do the same.

In the meantime, here's a couple more videos to share. These are beach cuteness. We went to Destin for a week in May to visit my in-laws. Go look and smile!

Oh, and excuse the speedo on Jack. It's actually a swim diaper of Tess's. We had an issue with his bathing suit while we were gone, and so this was my solution. It's very European, yes? Ah well,,,he's only four.

Jack and Tess demolish sand castles

Tess doesn't eat seaweed after all.

Ok, off to work!

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