Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How day 1 went...

Phew. Long day yesterday.

I got everything done, except for emptying the closet. I'm doing that first thing this morning.

Unexpected speedbumps---

--it was very tedious to scooch around the perimeter of the room with a ladder to stretch up high with the swiffer and get cobwebs all around the vaulted ceilings. Especially since it hadn't been done in...well, a really long time. Yuck.

--I ran out of spackle. Twice. Here's the issue. This house used to belong to a very creative do-it-yourselfer. He added this big room onto the back of the house. It's supposed to be a master bedroom, but we use it as our school room. Its got two kinds of flooring in there. I'm not sure why. The whole house, even the bathrooms, were carpeted when we bought the house, with great old hardwood floors underneath. So we didn't find this issue until we tore up all the carpet. Two-thirds of the floor is great old hardwood. The remaining third is ugly plywood subflooring. And there's a crack between the two floors, a crack that is half an inch wide in places. I was filling that all in with spackle because I'm going to paint that part of the floor. It's my brilliant solution to disguise the ugly plywood. If that doesn't work, then I guess I'll get a big area rug to throw on there.

--Jack was Not Happy about all the renovating. He very anxiously followed me around all day yesterday asking me tons of questions about what I was doing, where I was putting his stuff, etc. He got upset when I started shoving all the furniture to the center of the room. And he got really upset when I took all his trains off the train table and put them in a box. They GO on the train table!

Unexpected helps-

--Maria. The girl spackled her brains out yesterday. She is my right hand. She loves these kinds of projects, and she's been a great help.

--Tess. She was very cooperative and happily played the day away.

Notice I didn't mention Kain. He's been...neutral. Not a hindrance to progress, but not as helpful with entertaining Jack as I might have hoped.

Ok, onward! To the closet!

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Kelly said...

Ooh - that sounds very exciting! I hope it goes well and that you continue to get good help from Maria and that Kain decides to be more helpful! [but not a detriment is still pretty good LOL!].