Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Paul Wall

Here is the beginning of a year long project we just started...The Paul Wall. Or, alternately, The Wall of Paul.I haven't decided which one I like better yet. :)

Pope Benedict declared this year, the 2000th anniversary of St. Paul's birth, to be a special year dedicated to him. There has been discussion on the 4real learning forums of ideas for celebrating this jubilee, including a year's worth of weekly scripture readings. I decided to make a timeline using these readings....

Very humbly done, so excuse that, I've just been throwing it together while the kids have been in VBS this week. We are already getting a late start, the year actually started at the end of June, so I wanted to get this going quickly. Each of the little cards along the timeline has one scripture story about St. Paul's life. The symbol at the top is the Vatican symbol for the Pauline Year. The poster underneath is free for the printing here. And above the first card on the timeline you see our first illustration. Each week we will read the scripture and the kids will take turns illustrating it and posting it above the card. There are cards and there will be pictures along the top and bottom of the timeline, hence all the free wall space at the moment. This is also just half of the timeline. When we are finished, I will add the other half below our poster.

We will also do an art study with this with St. Paul art prints posted on the 4real learning website. I plan to print one a month and put them up them on either side of our poster, 8 altogether. Someone is publishing a Pauline Year lapbook I'm hoping to work on during Easter break, and St. Nick will be bringing this board game on his feast day. Cool, huh? Can't take much credit for it, so much of it came from the 4real learning forums! Thanks ladies!I know it doesn't look like a whole lot yet, but I think it will look great as the year goes by and it fills out a bit.

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