Sunday, July 06, 2008

The 4th, in pictures

Yeah, yeah,,,I know, no diaper post.
Not much posting at all.
I'm having issues finding computer time lately. I was accustomed to getting computer time in the evenings after the kids are in bed, but it turns out Tess wants to be held/nursed for a good two hour stretch during that time. She is so low maintenance and easy going the rest of the day that I can't begrudge her this time. In fact, it's nice to have the time to spend one on one with her. She's not really even cranky during this time, just a bit restless. But until she starts settling earlier, I'm going to have a hard time blogging much. I miss having time to write, and I'm frequently "blogging in my head". And you should see my inbox! But, Tess is only a newborn once...and I wouldn't want to miss even one of these smiles....

In the meantime, I'll post the lazy's our Fourth of July.

The night of the third, John and the kids set off our own fireworks at home...

...while Jack and I watched from the living room window.

We also made our homemade tshirts. This is the third year we've made 4th of July tshirts...I guess that makes it an official tradition.

Don't know what's up with this weird face he's making...

Even Tess got one!

On the 4th, we made our usual flag cake to have for dessert with our cookout.

And went to fireworks with Meme and Papa.

Gratuitous Tess close-up...feel free to pinch the virtual cheeks...

Happy Independence Day!


Kelly said...

What awesome pics! I love the shirt idea - may need to steal that one for next year!

Tess is *adorable*!!! I LOVE those cheeks and I can't believe she's already!

Terimisu said...

Tess is beautiful Melanie! How did Maria do on her mission work? We need to get the girls together soon.

Kitchen Madonna said...

Beautiful family! Precious angel-baby! I adore the name Tess. Loved it so much, I named an Irish Wolfhound Tess. Best dog ever.


Lisa said...

Tess is absolutely gorgeous! What a smile!

The shirts are awesome-- I think I'm going to steal the idea for next year, too! The onesie on Tess is just too precious for words.

I made the same exact cake!! I am going to have to post it on my blog so you can see-- same identical thing right down to the strawberries and blueberries! :-)