Sunday, September 23, 2007

week 6

So, I promise my blog will not turn into a "all pregnancy, all the time" thing,,,but right now, I'm not feeling so hot, so my life is pretty much, well, all about pregnancy, all the time. I'm very tired. I'm having major caffeine withdrawal headaches, and while morning sickness is pretty mild so far, it has definitely arrived.

These, by the way, are just lovely.

I plan on living on them for the next couple of months at least. They hit the spot, especially the lime ones. I have a major thing for sour stuff when pregnant. With Maria, my worst morning sickness baby, I ate cut up lemons with salt on them by the bowlful during the first trimester. And not much else.

Otherwise, I'm trucking along. Kind of. Well, not really. School work is getting done. That's really about it. The house is a wreck. If I could get rid of these caffeine headaches I'd be feeling much better I think. It's misery. Last time I did this I swore I'd never go back to the coffee again. Anything this addictive can't be a good thing. But,,,it makes me *happy*. I miss it. And yet...I'm not entirely sure I could keep it down.


Entropy said...

Those fruit bars look yummy!

Hope you're enjoying being pregnant! :)

scmom said...

Lifesaver Popsickles were my favorite food through the first trimester. Congratulations!!