Sunday, September 16, 2007


On a Catholic moms yahoo group that I belong to, one of the moms was comparing having additional kids to juggling...that you start out juggling a couple of balls well enough and then someone hands you another ball, and it's harder for a while but you learn how to juggle with the extra, and so on. This made me smile, because we have a new favorite book in the house. Jack has recently become enamored of Dr. Seuss books, and I have read them all many, many times now, especially The Cat in the Hat. I have developed a theory...a syndrome common among moms...and I call it The Cat in the Hat Syndrome.

Here's how the syndrome works. Here you are, juggling your activities of daily living, and you are doing pretty well too. Don't you look pleased with yourself?,,,housework's done, schoolwork is trucking along, all is well.

And then you decide to add an activity here, an activity's getting challenging! But look at you go! You're balancing it all! You're looking a little manic, maybe,,,getting that wild gleam in your eye...but you are doing it! Go supermom!

Look at you!
Look at you!
Look at you now!
You can add on the co-op!
And teach PSR!
And plan field trips!
And garden!
And bake homemade bread!
And in your free time start a quilt for your bed!
You can start moderating an email list
As you juggle it all!
But that is not all.
Oh, no.
That is not all...

Ah yes...let's freeze here for a minute, shall we? This is me along about December every school year. Notice the bewildered look...goodness, what happened? We were doing so well up there on that ball...

And here's February....on my can, overwhelmed, with my bent rake, wondering what happened. It just little committment at a time.


Kelly said...

LOL! This is priceless! And soooooo very true!

Cheryl said...

This is a riot! And it's what I was doing last spring... until I was sitting there with my rake in July.

Literacy-chic said...

My mom used to call us "Thing one" and "Thing two"... And "Thing 3," "Thing 4," "Thing..." You get the picture! I suspect she was feeling a little of this, too! ;) Gotta love Dr. Seuss!