Monday, July 09, 2007


I wish ya'll could check me out today. I have been the picture of industry. My yard has been extremely overgrown for a while now, especially the back. We are talk primordial-looking here.

So, today I purposed to mow the grass. On my own, home alone with three kids, my big double-sized lot full of thigh-high grass. Oh, and I couldn't get my riding lawnmower to start, so I've been doing it old school. I'm so proud though, cuz I've been wacking at it off and on all day, and it's almost done. I started early this morning and did the front yard (for the neighbor's sake, though it wasn't really too bad there) and moved on to do the shorter third of the back yard, the area that is shaded all the time. Then during Jack's nap I tackled another area of the side yard that is shaded in the early afternoon until the sun starts to fall over the backside of the house toward evening. Now all that's left is the very worst part...the big, open, gets tons of sun all day long and the grass is wild and thick part. I'm going to put the boys to bed early this evening and tackle that mess. How, may you ask, can I do this with a push mower? Very, very takes forever. But I'm so tickled to see the yellow-green, damp paths I leave behind me when I mow down a thick stretch of grass, bugs flying in all direction, obviously shocked that their home, having been undisturbed for so long, is now being shredded by some large, sweaty, sunburned individual singing "Green Acres" at the top of her lungs. I'm sincerely hoping I don't run into any other animals living in there. In the meantime, I off to pick up a drive-through dinner. If I'm going to do a man's job, I'm gonna cook like a man. Then I'm going to throw these boys in bed, bandage up my blisters, and off I go.....


Terimisu said...

You are hilarious Mel!!
Way to go!

PS. did you get the party pics of Maria and Eden? thought they were really cute.

J.C. said...

Go, Mel!! It's such an excellent feeling to tackle something we've been procrastinating... Sigh, I should do the same!