Monday, July 16, 2007

blogging lite...

Sorry, I have not been a very good blogger this month. I won't be for the rest of the week either. We are eating/sleeping/breathing vacation bible school at our parish this week. Here's some gratuitous photos to make me feel like I accomplished something here. I'll be back in earnest in a few days with lots of "starting our new school year" news..

John and the kids, reading away...we do this a lot in our house.

Some decorations I made with our Little Flowers group for our end of the year tea party. I have beautiful pictures of our sweet girls, but can't post random pictures of other people's children. :)

Some photos from the Tulsa Air and Space Museum...

Kain the pilot...

Kain was really into this tornado machine and played with it for a long time...until we finally had to drag him away to see the show at the Planetarium.

Jack and Maria building a space ship.

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