Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday cookin'

How do you celebrate your Sunday at home? Here in the South, it's almost a given that you will have the traditional "Sunday dinner", or Sunday brunch, or both. I used to try to do both...brunch after mass followed by a nice dinner/dessert....but I found myself cooking all day on Sunday! Not really a day of rest... So, we have modified a bit. I make brunch for dinner. Brinner, the kids call it. Some kind of eggs, bacon *and* sausage, pancakes/waffles/or biscuits and gravy (it is the South, after all), hot cocoa or smoothies. It's easy for me, I make enough of the pancakes/waffles to heat up for breakfast Monday morning, and it is the kids' favorite dinner by far. Everyone eats well, even Jack, my toddler that lives on milk and cheese sticks, and peanut butter. We have dessert on Saturday, which is game night (and really, doesn't the Sabbath begin then anyway? What better way to bring it in than with pie!). Now, what takes the place in the traditional time frame of Sunday brunch? Well, this is almost blasphemy I know...but Sunday afternoons have become my big "purge the leftovers" meal. I know, I know...terrible. But I buy groceries on Monday, so it's a good day to empty the fridge, it's quick and easy to fix when we get home from church and everyone is starving, and the kids' enjoy getting to pick and choose what to eat for a change. I hold a plate of more recent leftovers for dh to take to work for lunch on Monday. Everything else from the week gets cleaned out and nuked. Salvagable dregs of meat and veggies go into the "soup bucket" in the freezer and the rest is tossed. Now, I actually get to rest on Sunday!


Jen said...

I miss the South! DH grew up in Baton Rouge, and everytime after Mass we get and get cafe aluite (sp?) and those fancy dounuts that start with a Benge? I know, I'm a yankee, I can't spell it out properly.

What a great idea you have for Sunday. I'm hungry now. :-)

Jen (

mel said...

Mmmm...yes,I love good coffee! My one vice...

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