Thursday, October 05, 2006

stayed tuned

for a day in the life....
I've been wanting to do this at least once a school year...because you see, dear reader, this blog has a secondary purpose. I print it off and it serves as a journal for me. I've never stuck with a journal before, and I thought having an occasional actual reader to be accountable to would motivate me to stick with this one. You are all just pawns in my little plan. heehee. And I thought, "30 years from now, it'll be cool to look back and remember what a day was like when Maria was 10, Kain was 6, Jack was 2". Anyway, I've been waiting to get good and settled in our school year to do this,,,that way everyone is used to their routine, used to any new materials, etc. and we are in our groove so to speak. I also love reading others "day in the life" writings. When I was just starting homeschooling, I was fairly obsessed by these, reading in awe about families with half a dozen or more children (these always seemed to be the homes that ran most smoothly too). I was always amazed by the vast differences in different homeschooler's lives, how they juggled everything, how exhausting their days sounded. Now, I just enjoy a peek into other people's homes. And now that we are in our fourth year of homeschooling, and I am more amazed by the similarities than the differences. So, I have taken a peek at my calendar and picked a day that looks the most promising for an example of a "typical" day. This day will be next Friday. I tell you ahead of time because I have decided that when the day gets here we will stick with journaling it, no matter what, even if it goes haywire and Jack puts the cat in the drier or Maria throws up her breakfast,,,,because the unexpected *is* typical around here. I reserve the right to change the day *before* the actual day gets here...just because if something comes up and we end up being gone all day long, it won't be a homeschooling day really at all!

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Jen said...

You sound like my long lost twin. I'm in the phase right now of "will be a homeschool family in a semester or so" (once I get the whole private school thing straightened out) and being obessesed with reading other blogs of homeschooling families. I love reading about everyone else's day, and realizing I'm not alone.