Monday, October 16, 2006

co-op day

Monday is co-op day in our house. Sort of. We belong to a place that is part dayschool/part co-op. The morning classes are academic classes taught by paid teachers, and the afternoon classes are "fun" classes taught by other moms. You can pay for these too, or you can help teach and earn tuition credit. This term, Maria takes a literature, math, and life science class in the morning and then spanish, ceramics, and woodworking in the afternoon. She *loves* going to the co-op, mostly because she gets to have lunch/recess with friends. :) Usually, Jack and I do grocery shopping/errands/library on this day, but today Kain is home with asthma troubles. The weather is wet and cold, and so we are all staying home. I have helped Kain discover one of my old favorite movies, "Pete's Dragon". :)

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